Why Is Pet Medical Care So Expensive?

Veterinary care isn’t cheap, but it’s also not cheap for pet owners, either. More expensive medications have been developed over the years. As a result, veterinarians are more likely to price their services at the price consumers are willing to pay. While this may seem unfair, it actually has an effect on the prices of pet medical care. Drug companies know that pet owners are willing to pay more for their pets’ health care than they would for their own, so they are aggressively trying to wrest that share of the market.

Advancements in veterinary medicine allow veterinarians to better diagnose a patient’s illness. For example, cataract surgery is becoming more common. A laminectomy for a slipped disc is another common surgical procedure. Advances in 3D imaging allow veterinarians to better diagnose and stage a disease. All of this translates into higher costs. But it’s worth it if the veterinarian can help your pet.

A nonprofit in Los Angeles has made it their mission to provide free and discounted spay and neuter services to low-income clients. They’ve set up spay and neuter clinics and charge a fraction of what a private vet charges. But these new clinics have enraged some parts of the veterinary community. One such nonprofit, called “The Magic Bullet Fund,” receives between 25 and 30 applications a month from pet parents.

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