What’s the various kinds of LED screens with large sizes?

Thanks to LED displays, advertising media have enjoyed a number of benefits. Since it is becoming popular it is essential to be aware regarding the various types of LED screens. The most well-known varieties are:

1. Standing Pillar LED Display

It is the most well-known kind that displays outdoor lights. It is used mostly to promote advertisements. The LED display stands comprise three parts: the columns comprised of steel along with a base builder and LED display frame.

2. Wall-mounted LED Display

It is a different kind of LED display, which is typically placed to the wall. It’s cheaper than the stand-pillar LED screens. It is made of an aluminum composite panel with a waterproofed the perimeter. You can also put it in with a cabinet made of waterproof.

3. Inner Curved LED Screen

The screen with the inner curve is growing in attention lately due to its ideal fit to the walls of the building. It also assists in attracting more attention of the viewers since it gives a better view.

4. Top-fixed LED Display

There are times when advertisers want to offer a greater reach for their LED ads. This means that they require more space to display ads to let viewers view the video and images. The top-fixed LED display lets you to set the LED screen in a prominent location to attract the attention of a wider audience and provide better coverage.

5. Outer LED Screen with Curved Edge

The LED display with curved edges can also be a fantastic addition to outdoor spaces that provide a fantastic view for your audience. It’s not like that of flat displays however they provide a distinct and thrilling viewing experience for your customers.

6. Dual-sided LED Screen

Dual side LED screens display two side of the screens. It is widely used on the streets to make sure that people on both sides can view the advertisements that are displayed across the screens.
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