What Not to Do to Make Optimal Use of Your Vehicle Insurance

Car owners put immense thought into buying additional vehicle insurance. It is a brilliant thing to do as the Compulsory Third Party vehicle insurance, well known as “Green slip”, is applicable only when a third party suffers injuries or fatality when you are at fault. However, if you need extra coverage for your vehicle and for the vehicles and property you may accidentally damage while on the road, you will need to pick one from the Third-Party Property Damage, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive car insurance plans.

Most insurers have these plans on offer. You can sign up for a policy based on your individual needs and affordability. Buying a vehicle insurance policy is entirely effortless with the car insurance online services offered by most insurers in Australia. However, sometimes, even after having the best car insurance, some car owners lose a lot of their savings due to negligent behavior.

This article has some don’ts that vehicle owners can consider to make the most of their insurance policies and save their wallets from undue stress.

Safety measures

  • Roll up your vehicle’s windows when you need to exit your car and make sure you lock your vehicle before leaving. Don’t forget it anytime in any place.
  • Ensure your vehicle is off the theft radar. Don’t leave expensive items or cash in a visible place inside the vehicle.
  • Taking precautions will help you from wasting your hard-earned money. It is good if you park your vehicle in a carport. It can be better if your parking place is a driveway but best when the parking place is your garage. Remember, streets are not secure places to park your ride, so don’t do it if you have a better, safer alternative.

Nominating drivers

The simple thing of not forgetting to nominate the drivers may reduce your premiums and excess. Let us consider you haven’t nominated a driver who may be using your car. If they are involved in a road accident while driving your vehicle, you may need to shell out unlisted driver excess. And, if the person is an unlisted young driver aged below 25 yrs, it may cost you an unlisted driver excess and inexperienced driver excess on top of your standard excess while claiming. So, don’t forget to nominate drivers using your car.

Driving skills

A careless driver is more prone to meet accidents. The consequences can be injuring themselves, co-passengers, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as other vehicles and drivers on-road, and damaging properties. It can even be fatal depending on the impact of the accident.

Don’t be negligent. Drive with utmost care and caution on roads – safety is essential and it will help you avoid vehicle insurers’ high premiums.

Claims history

Even if you have chosen a low excess paying high premiums, frequent claiming for minor issues like a scratch, chip, or dent goes into your claiming records. And your claims history will affect your future premiums. Weigh your options and decide which of the two benefits you most – claiming from your insurer or paying on your own for getting small issues fixed by a technician.

Also, if you aren’t too sure about succeeding in repairing your vehicle with DIY hacks, don’t try it. The temporary fixes may not do much good to your car in the long run. It is best to take the help of a professional on any given day.

Not doing the above-mentioned things may fetch you a better quote from your insurer. The best car insurance can be completely made use of when you take preventive care to reduce the chances of any mishappening with your car. Please read the fine print in the PDSs at car insurance online portals under every policy to know what conditions make you eligible to file a claim and succeed.