What is the Worst Thing About Living in Montana?

If you’re moving to Montana, you should know the weather before you make the move. While the state is famous for its big skies, you’ll need to be prepared for challenging weather. While you won’t experience severe thunderstorms, the state can be extremely hot during the summer, and it can get very cold early in the fall. Depending on the time of year, you might not see another person for days.

The housing market isn’t exactly solid. Although Montana’s housing prices are below the national average, they’re still considerably below the national average. Transportation costs are relatively cheap, too. According to CNN Money, the cost of owning a car in Montana is one of the lowest in the country. Besides lower vehicle costs, there are no sales taxes in Montana. But there are downsides to living in a place with no public transportation.

Bozeman is the most expensive city in Montana, with housing peopletools att costs soaring over a decade. This is partly due to the increased popularity of the city. Despite the relatively high price of rent and property, living in Bozeman is still worth it. However, Bozeman’s rental prices are comparable to those of major metro areas. The lack of a diverse housing stock is not only a problem for local residents, but it also hurts the local economy. Public transportation is also not very extensive, and there are only a few buses.

The cost of living in Montana is high – groceries and gas are on par with the national average. Living in a big city can be very expensive, but housing costs and wages can be low. In small towns, however, housing costs are much cheaper and the population is more likely to be blue collar and lower middle class. Overall, Montana has changed a lot over the last 20 years, so living in Montana can no longer feel like a home. Fall In Love With newsmartzone

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