Techniques to hide the wound from Liposculpture

liposuction technique Liposculpture or 3D slender liposuction technique, used for arm liposuction, abdominal liposuction, leg liposuction, slimming, etc. It is different from conventional liposuction in that it is a technique to hide incisions as small as 2.5 mm. Ulcers in hidden spots on the body make the scar invisible Use a special long device (Blunt Cannula) to open a single incision hole, allowing suction to be applied to the desired area. This is a 3D leg suction technique that sharpens the fat so that the proportions are clearly reduced. This technique requires the experience and expertise of a specialized physician only.

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 Small incisions do not damage tissue with 3D Liposure.

“We lose weight and the proportion has not disappeared. There is fat protruding only in the female part, don’t worry anymore.” Solve this problem with a machine. Electrotherapy is the latest technology Quality from Germany that the US Food and Drug Administration has certified that it is highly safe for liposuction. Slimming Tightens sagging skin without recovery. Including tightening the skin in the treated area is more compared to the normal liposuction after the incision is very small. see results quickly After doing it, you can use your daily life as usual.

Liposuction procedure with special techniques Liposculpture

  1. Dissolve fat with waves Electrotherapy to make the fat break down easier to be sucked out and very little blood loss fat burning machine Electrotherapy It also helps destroy fat stem cells to die. and stimulate the production of collagen to replace the original fat bags Reduce the chance of recurrence of obesity It also helps tighten the skin. In addition, in the treatment process it helps to stop bleeding. reduce green bruising and reduce the recovery time after treatment as well
  2. Do liposuction Hide the wound as small as 2.5 ml by using the technique to hide the wound as small as 2.5 mm. Hide the area that cannot be seen, such as the edge of the bikini line.
  3. The doctor performs slender liposuction and 3D sculpting. The doctor must use a device that is extra long (Blunt Cannula) and mainly focuses on the beauty of the body shape.
  4. Use INDIBA to accelerate recovery after suction by doing INDIBA after suction to help reduce inflammation. reduce swelling Reduce the chance of scarring and fibrosis

Advantages of Liposculpture

– Unlimited cc. in liposuction Emphasis is placed on the beauty of the shape.

– using electrotherapy waves help break down fat Before starting to look at fat Thus causing very little blood loss

– Hide the incision of liposuction in an area that cannot be seen, such as the bikini line area.

– Faster recovery due to less scarring and less blood loss

Did you know? The absorbed fat can be reused and filled!

The fat that is absorbed can be extracted to select quality fat Screening for live fat cells Can be reinjected to fill the face Help restructure the problem of the face to look beautiful. There are dimensions such as cheek grooves, forehead, and temples to adjust the shape of the face to look childish. Younger or fill other parts on the body, such as fat, chest, hips to make the body naturally beautiful. Fat grafting must be performed by a skilled surgeon. to make the surgery safe and get the best results

– Helps fill in the face Reduce problems under the eyes

– Helps to adjust physiognomy

– Makes the face look younger and younger

– Make pores tighten fill in deep wrinkles

– Helps restore the face to look radiant, juicy

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