Preparing the floor for concrete pouring

Begin by smoothing out the original soil level. (Not bumpy) and reduce the top soil for the thickness of sand and concrete to be poured with.

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set up concrete pouring By using hardwood or prefabricated steel forms placed along the road line. In the scope of the width and length as defined and strengthen it It is recommended that the width of the road should not exceed 4 meters, and the length of the road in each section should not exceed 6 meters, because the stretching of the road can cause cracks.

Pour the sand until it reaches a thickness of 5 cm, and then compact it with a pounder or pound it firmly.

Concrete pouring process

  1. Once the soil surface has been adjusted, place the Y-Mate prefabricated steel grating. Diameter 6 mm. Table size 15×15 cm (6 mm @15 cm) in the concrete as well. The Y-Mate steel grating must be approximately 5 centimeters lower than the concrete surface in order to prevent cracks on the concrete surface, including the positioning of the dowel bar or tie bar according to the standard design to strengthen the welded area. Continue along the width and length of the concrete floor.
  2. Generally, the method is used to pour concrete below the desired level and spread evenly. Then place the Y-Mate steel grating and pour concrete over it again to reach the required level. Or maybe use another method. is to add cement balls before placing the Y-mate steel grating over it Then pour concrete over the area until it reaches the desired level. This method is convenient as concrete pouring can be done in one step.
  3. After pouring the concrete To make adjustments to the surface to be completed. Then leave it until the concrete surface begins to harden and let the concrete floor be cured by spraying water for at least 7 days to make the concrete have full strength. This step is very necessary because if the concrete is not cured or cured for an inappropriate time. This will cause the concrete to be less effective than it should be. It may also cause different substances to seep into the concrete As a result, the reinforcement is easy to rust. causing the concrete to crack and damage it
  4. After the concrete floor has been strengthened The grooves must be cut with a Saw Cut Machine according to the position of the concrete joint. by having a width of not less than 1 cm. and a depth of 1.5 cm. Prevent water from seeping into the traces. This is to prevent soil subsidence.

Prepare the path for the cement truck.

The proper conveying of concrete depends on the place where the concrete is poured, preferably a method that does not separate the concrete. And must be fast in conveying otherwise the concrete may harden before use. So what should be considered a good concrete conveying?

  1. The concrete transportation distance must not be more than The surrounding radius of Panpun is 30 km.
  2. The entrance path of the mill. It must be wide enough for a car to pass through. and the entrance ground must not be too soft.
  3. After the car arrives at the job site The concrete support area must be ready for immediate use. Because the lifespan of concrete after mixing is only 2 hours, more than that, the concrete may harden before use.
  4. To pour concrete into a narrow space, a belt or pipe is needed to transport concrete into the interior space.

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