Medical Residency Issues- Tips to Avoid Them and Become a Good Resident

Being transferred from a medical student to a physical resident can be overwhelming. Many students dream of becoming medical practitioners and serving people. However, it may be stressful for the residents because any mistake has an impact not only on doctors but also on patients. When you are a student, these mistakes may not have an impact on patients. It is vital to learn more about them so that you can avoid them well in advance and focus more on your career and life. 

How to avoid medical residency issues

To avoid these problems in the first place, the resident can avoid making some common mistakes. They are elaborated on below:

Don’t stress too much about unnecessary issues

A resident needs to look after several patients and problems at the same time. One of the common mistakes most residents make is to overstress themselves by taking a decision, which does not make sense during important working hours. For instance, it is not a good idea to spend several hours researching medicine for a headache to the patient during a night shift when other critical patients need your attention more.

Ask for help and guidance

A resident may be expected to know everything but not at the start. You should not stress yourself with the idea of knowing everything. It is highly recommended to use your hospital’s resources so that you can use their knowledge and experience at the same time. For instance, a pharmacist in your hospital may know the side effects of a medicine. It is not a good idea to waste your valuable time researching it on your own because other important tasks may also be waiting for you.

Feel your emotions 

While a doctor is expected to detach himself from the patients and their families, it is good to connect with them to a certain level. It will give them comfort and relaxation. You might feel that you are at the lowest of the ladder but for patients, you are a healthcare provider. If you feel for them, you should address their emotions. It will avoid medical residency issues to a great extent.

Every workplace has some problems and challenges and a resident must mentally be prepared to face them with courage and brilliance. In case, he finds them hard, he can get in touch with authorities and look for guidance.  It will prevent him from getting into residency problems. 

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