Is it Hard to Get Started As a Real Estate Agent?

The first question you should ask yourself is: is it hard to get started as a real-estate agent? This answer will depend on what you’re looking for in a job. You should strive to be an expert in your chosen field. In a real-estate market, location and involvement are key. Join your local Realtor’s association, volunteer at your local school, coach your children’s little league team, or even attend town government meetings. These will give you exposure to people who are already working in the industry.

The first few years are likely to be financially lean for a real estate agent. The first six to twelve months can be particularly difficult, as closings in New York City can take up to four months. Despite the long hours and high demands, a hard-working agent can fill many roles within the industry. Although sales pay more than rentals, many agents begin with a combination of both.

In addition to taking a course in real estate, prospective real estate agents must take a state-issued real-estate exam. While the state licensing examination is required for real estate agents, the path to becoming a real-estate agent will differ from one state to the next. After passing the exam, new agents must work for two years under a sponsoring broker before they can start practicing real-estate.

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