Important factors in determining the slip and fall settlements

Have you got yourself hurt in a slip-and-fall incident? If yes, you must get in touch with a slip and fall lawyer in Jersey City. Also, mentioned below are some important factors you must keep in mind: 

The reason behind the accident

The reason behind the accident is.e., a wet floor, brown tile, unsafe staircase, broken handrail or any other reason that caused the injury will be analyzed to determine what will be the compensation amount. For instance, a broken handrail should be fixed or the visitors should be informed about the danger. In such cases, you will receive more compensation than just a mere trip over a wet floor.

The degree of injury

This is the most important factor determining the amount of compensation you will need to pay. If the injury was severe and the victim has suffered immense loss then the amount will automatically increase. In case you injure your back and can’t work for a month, they will have to pay damages for the loss of wages and your medical expenses as well.

If you were to blame

Sometimes there can be accidents on the premises due to a hazard that the owner wasn’t aware of. Like, their staircase might be absolutely fine but suddenly it broke while someone was walking. In such instances, the compensation can be low as they weren’t aware of anything and so they cannot be entirely blamed.

If the injury was due to negligence

You can injure yourself because you weren’t careful. For example, they may have a fountain on their property, and, commonly, the area around the fountain might have drops of water. But if someone trips because they weren’t careful, it was their negligence. So this will determine if the owner has to pay compensation or not and if yes, then it should be a mere amount.

Someone who can help you handle the case and negotiation discussions is an injury attorney. Without an attorney, you can end up getting way less than you deserve. So it is good if you hire an excellent and experienced personal injury attorney who has handled similar cases and can help you negotiate fair compensation so you are not financially harmed.

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