How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search?

Are you using LinkedIn to the fullest but still unable to get a job? Want to know how to use LinkedIn for job search effectively?

Many recruiters use LinkedIn to look for job opportunities; however, only a few know some tips to boost their profile to make it noticed by the companies.

This article will give you all the essential information about using LinkedIn for a job search and what tips you can apply to make yourself stand out from others.

Let’s get started!

How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search Productively?

If you are relatively new to LinkedIn and want to use LinkedIn for job search, you can follow these simple steps for job hunting:

  • Go to the’ Jobs’ section at the top right of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Click on the ‘jobs search’ and enter the occupation, keywords, or company name you are looking for.
  • Select your desired location where you would prefer to work.
  • Select filters to optimize the search results according to your requirements.
  • Once you have selected the filters, click on the ‘Job Alert’ so that you would get notifications whenever the job opportunity appears according to your desires.
  • Whenever you get a job opportunity, click on the job posting to have a detailed view of their requirements and job details.

5 Effective Tips to Use LinkedIn for Job Search

If you want your favorite company to notice your presence on LinkedIn, here are some of the tips you can follow:

1. Maintain Your Profile Regularly

LinkedIn profiles with a genuine profile picture are more likely to receive views and messages than profiles with no profile picture. However, posting skills come on the second number when making yourself noticeable. 

Therefore, if you want to use LinkedIn for job search, regularly post about yourself or share your thoughts regarding your occupation to make yourself noticeable for hiring companies. 

2. Highlight Your Experiences

Make your recent working experiences evident on your profile page so that everyone knows how long you have been working and what you are up to. Many companies prefer employees who have been proactively working on the required occupation.

3. Ensure People Know that You are Available

You can have an option on LinkedIn to make it a headline that you are available for work. Enable this batch on your profile picture or create a headline to grab the hiring managers’ attention. You can also add LinkedIn automation tools to boost your presence on LinkedIn. 

4. Mark Your Target Companies and Follow them 

If you want to use LinkedIn for job search to the fullest, search for the companies you would like to connect with and follow them. This will help you stay updated about the company or organization and instantly get to know when there is a vacancy.

Wrapping Up- Use LinkedIn for Job Search and Make Your Career a Success

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is a great platform that connects employees and employers. If you want to avail of the job opportunities, you must sign up on LinkedIn, follow your desired companies or industries, and explore your job opportunities.

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