How to Get a Real Estate License Online

One way to get a real estate license is to take a real estate online course. Many courses cost between $100 and $500. Courses are offered through multiple sources. Cooke Real Estate School, for instance, offers continuing education and professional development courses in real estate for 14 states. You can also take courses in community association management or home inspections. Many of these online courses are offered as tiered packages. For example, the Mbition Wisconsin licensing course costs $279, while the silver and gold packages are $499 and $509, respectively. Prices vary by state, but in general, each package costs between $100 and $500.

Getting a real estate license online can be easy if you follow the right steps. First, find a sponsor at a brokerage association. This is a different process from completing education hours before applying for a license online. Second, make sure to take the real estate exam before you apply for a license. In most cases, the exam will be easy and straightforward. And the better you prepare, the more likely you’ll pass it!

Pre-licensing courses can be lengthy. In Virginia, they require 45 credit hours, while in Colorado, they require 168. Online programs allow you to divide your hours into weeks, which is faster than an in-person course. Moreover, most online courses log your hours as you read material and answer quizzes. That means you can finish your requirements faster than you would have otherwise. This is one way to save time and money.


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