How Important are China Sourcing Agents For Importers?

Moving the manufacturing process to China is a great step to improve your profit margin because the production costs are 30% to 50% lesser than in other locations. Currently, China sourcing reviews reveal a trend of superior products with spotless quality.

The first step is to find a reliable supplier for starting your importing business because they are the foundation stone of your business. They control your production, which controls how consumers interact and perceive your business.

A good manufacturer means superior quality products, loyal consumers, good feedback, and more sales. On the contrary, a bad supplier can cut corners and compromise product quality, which in turn dissatisfy consumers and ultimately break your business.

To find an ideal supplier, you need to find a reliable China product sourcing agency. They eliminate the tedious task of researching suppliers as well as the risks involved in working with some new suppliers.

If you feel that you can order bulk products on AliExpress or Alibaba because the suppliers on their website are verified, then why hire a sourcing agent? Here are some awesome benefits of hiring a China sourcing agency.

Offer great investment value

Traveling to China for product sourcing involves –

  • Spending a fortune on traveling and accommodation costs.
  • Hire a tour guide to visit factories because you are new to the complex environment.
  • As you lack knowledge about local suppliers and factories, you can end up with a con artist keen to scam you.

Partnering with a China sourcing agent is best because –

  • You save on the traveling and accommodation costs but even your precious time.
  • They have experience, knowledge, and personal contact with extensive suppliers of different niches. They can help you find a great deal.
  • Chinese traders are competitive in product pricing but a knowledgeable sourcing agent is familiar with identifying the cheapest price without compromising product quality.

Thus, you can sell high-quality products at lower rates than competitors while making some good profits.

Capable local representative

Importers lack local knowledge, so a sourcing agent based in China with a good supplier network and niche knowledge is great. You will have a local representative who will always prioritize your business. The primary objective of the sourcing agent will be to ensure that the product and material are of premium quality while keeping the production costs friendly.

The local sourcing agency represents your interest and not the suppliers, so with a better offer on deals, importers increase their chances of business development quickly. China sourcing reviews about the agency will give an idea of the local agent’s capabilities.

Communication ease

Clear communication is essential for any business to succeed. It helps to execute instructions accurately, make progress, and consistently satisfy end users [customers].

A local sourcing agent is a bridge between you and product manufacturers. As he is proficient in English as well as the local dialect, you don’t need to communicate directly with the manufacturer.

Chinese manufacturers lack English knowledge or you can risk receiving different products you never expected if you communicate directly. Experience can be unproductive and you may miss the best products to add to your business.

A sourcing agent has the communication skills to allow your business to survive efficiently during the supply deals.

Quality control

Importers are thousands of miles away from the manufacturing factory. Their website may have content with details about the product functionality and quality but it is not wise to depend on their word only. The hired local sourcing agent can physically perform quality control inspections and send reports.

There are numerous scams associated with non-existent suppliers designed to rip off your hard-earned money. Website reviews can be paid for, so don’t trust them.

On the other hand, partnering with a reliable sourcing agency eliminates this risk because you will work with legitimate factories. The local agent can visit on-site and oversee the requested material and production. Local knowledge is helpful! Ensure to read China sourcing reviews before hiring the agency.

Opportunity charge

Many startup businesses fail because the owners were unable to give enough time to core activities. Product sourcing involves lots of factors and can consume plenty of time, which otherwise could have been used to promote the imported products as quickly as possible.

Hiring a local sourcing agency gives you the freedom to focus on what you are good at and boundlessly expand your business.

Mail the product requirements and the specification to the sourcing agent, who will monitor quality control, ensure the deadline is fulfilled, schedule freight, warehouse, and ultimately import products at possible friendly rates.

The sourcing agent will handle the complex and strenuous process of buying the ideal material for quality product making, while you focus on overhauling your business.

Cultural & language understanding

Chinese differ in doing business from western procedures. The local sourcing agent is well-aware of the culture and acts accordingly. Importing products from China does not involve price negotiations but there are other things to consider.

They are smart in understanding price differences in similar-looking products and can identify pay-offs.

The professionals are local and familiar with ideal timing and negotiation toning with product manufacturers. This can seem overwhelming to someone living in the US especially due to the time difference.

Make sure to look for an establishing sourcing service in China or you can end up losing more than the service fee or commission. Hiring a sourcing agency to represent your business in China is great, but there are some pitfalls –

  • Blind mark-up – The prices you receive are given, so you are unaware if you are getting the best deal or not. The sourcing agency is the medium and you have no connection with the manufacturer, which means your sourcing agent is your supplier.
  • Can cause shipping delays – Partnering with a local sourcing agency means you will need to interact with the supplier through them. If you chose a shipping agency then normally you will communicate directly with the supplier and sort the delivery date and time, but the sourcing agent you hired may not have the ideal knowledge to effectively chase the supplier.

This can slow shipping, at times because there is plenty of to and fro to receive the correct information.

You now understand how crucial it is to read China sourcing reviews before hiring a purchase agent!

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