Features of HealthTap

HealthTap is a virtual healthcare company that makes it easy for members to get immediate, trusted information from real doctors at the first moment of concern. Their AI triages symptoms and offers guidance based on a patient’s unique traits.

The platform offers 24/7 access to board-certified doctors via text or video with wait times of one minute or less for all ages across multiple specialties.


HealthTap is a telemedicine app that provides access to doctors through video, voice, and text chat. The company sells its services to health networks like hospital chains and clinics, large employers who want to reduce costs and improve employee health, and individuals who purchase a subscription for $99 a month.

The app works well on both Android and iOS devices and can be used to schedule appointments. There are also a number of features that allow patients to store and share their medical records, documents, scans, and images with doctors in the network.

The platform offers immediate access to a doctor, and users can ask questions for free using the Doctor Q&A feature. HealthTap also sells a Prime plan for $15 a month that includes unlimited access to two doctors, as well as prescriptions.

AI-powered symptom checker

Powered by AI and trained by HealthTap doctors, the symptom checker app can help you evaluate your symptoms and provide guidance on next steps or care. It offers differentials and care recommendations that may change based on the severity and urgency of your condition.

One of the main benefits of this app is that it can direct you to peer-reviewed, individualized health information and connect you to a doctor as quickly as possible. This helps patients access the right healthcare provider and receive the treatment they need at an affordable price.

Another feature of the symptom checker is that it can ask you questions to gather more data and then offer diagnoses based on that. The company claims this makes it “more accurate” than a traditional symptom checker.

Although the symptom checker’s accuracy was better than that of the Ada symptom assessment tool, it still fell short of that of a general physician. This suggests that further study is needed to see whether it is a useful tool for the health care system.

Question submission service

HealthTap’s question submission service allows users to type a question into Messenger and receive free responses from doctors. They can also see similar questions to their own submitted by other members.

Answers to questions are provided by physicians and peer reviewed to ensure quality, from a network of U.S.-licensed doctors spanning 141 specialties and with an average of more than 21 years in practice.

Unlike other sources of health information on the Internet, HealthTap’s answers are based on the medical expertise and credentials of its physicians, rather than relying on their opinions or experiences as consumers. Its network of doctors includes more than 6,000 practicing physicians and 500 top healthcare institutions.

HealthTap also offers a reasonably priced Concierge service, wherein you pay for one-to-one virtual consultations with doctors via text or video chat. These sessions typically last 15 minutes or less and are a lot cheaper than visiting a doctor in person.


HealthTap is a subscription service that provides members with access to a large network of doctors. Its mobile app allows users to book appointments, order refills, message their care team and more.

Its AI-powered symptom checker helps members identify potential causes for their symptoms before they meet with a doctor via video or text chat. It also recommends the next steps to take if they are unsure.

The company’s primary care doctors can write prescriptions, order lab tests and make referrals to specialists. However, members may experience longer wait times than on other telehealth platforms.

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