Do We Make Culture Or Does Culture Make Us?

Cultural products are not simply objects; they also have the ability to influence the values and beliefs of people who interact with them. As a result, they play a vital role in forming our identities and determining our values and beliefs. Whether we like it or not, we all interact with culture. This in turn influences the development of additional cultural products. But how do we determine the quality of culture? This question has ramifications for all aspects of human life.

Cultural practices reveal how we adapt to our environments. Different cultures produce different solutions to the same problems. Similarly, different forms of marriage are derived from different cultures. They illustrate that culture can help us to transcend our biological and social realities, and it also helps us to expand our senses. High culture expands human sensibility, while pop culture, subculture, and globally hybrid cultures produce new cultural forms. However, it is possible for culture to be both restrictive and innovative.

Cultures play a major role in social order. Sociologists define social order as the mutually agreed upon rules and norms. They enable people to interact and function as a society and to live together in harmony. However, sociologists have recognized that culture has both good and bad sides. The positive aspects of society are embodied in its shared values and norms. However, the negative sides are equally important to understand.

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