Attention Smoothie Juice Bar Owners! Here Are 8 Drink Flavors for Every Taste

Juiceries have become extremely popular over the last few years and are fast becoming the new “coffee shops” of the decade. 

Juice bars are a great business that can be started on a small budget using juice blends you make yourself. However, there is a lot of competition in this industry which means you need to keep doing more to get ahead of your competitors. What will it take? 

Perhaps creating some new drink flavors would help!

No matter how small or big your juice bar is, Here are flavors that will help boost your sales:


Fruity flavors are a popular choice for smoothie juice bars. They are sweet, fresh and easy to make, but they don’t have much flavor complexity. Fruit flavors are often used on their own or combined with other ingredients to create a more complex flavor profile.

Citrus is one of the most popular fruity flavors because it can easily be made into various drinks, such as lemonade and limeade. Fruity blends taste great when mixed with other fruit juices and dairy products like yogurt or ice cream. They also contain vitamin C, which helps boost your immune system when fighting off colds or other infections.

Other fruits that make good options for drink mix-ins include pineapple, strawberry, orange, and apple. Some companies even add gummy bears to their fruit blends for extra fun!


This flavor is a must-have in any juice bar. It has a light, fresh taste that’s perfect for spring and summer. It also works well with various fruits and vegetables, making sparkling fruit smoothies or even lemonade popsicles.

This flavor is usually served at the end of a meal to stimulate the digestive system. It is often recommended by doctors because it helps remove toxins from the body while promoting good digestion and eliminating harmful bacteria in our intestines.


Tart juices are popular among customers who like more of an acidic taste, but they are often hard to find. Tart juices contain natural acids that give them their distinctive flavor, and some people even use them as a substitute for lemon juice or vinegar when cooking or baking. If you have some tart fruits on hand, you can create interesting combinations with other fruits or vegetables to create a wide range of tastes.


Mint is another one of those flavors that’s hard to get right, but it’s worth it when you do! Mint is a strong flavor that can overwhelm other ingredients if it isn’t used sparingly. You could add mint leaves to any combination of fruit and vegetables for an exciting new customer experience!


While tart flavors are all the rage, sweet ones have been around forever. It’s no wonder why: When you combine sweet fruits like strawberries or mangoes with other citrus fruits like lime or grapefruit, you’ve got a delicious drink that practically sells itself. Sweet drinks also pair well with coffee or tea for those looking for something more substantial than just juice alone.


Sour flavors are a great way to wake up the taste buds and pique the appetite. Tart fruits like lemon, lime, and grapefruit are popular, but you can also use vinegar, mustard or pickles for a more complex sour effect. Their tangy taste goes well with many other fruits and vegetables, and they’re great at masking the taste of less pleasant flavors like spinach or kale. 


Spicy foods have been shown to help boost metabolism and reduce inflammation — so if you’re looking for an extra energy boost at your juice bar, this is one flavor that should definitely be on your menu! Try adding hot peppers or ginger root to your favorite fruit juice blends (and maybe even add some honey if you want it sweeter).


Herbal is a flavor of drink that contains different herbs and natural ingredients. These drinks can help you to lose weight, boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, etc.

There are many herbal flavors, including chamomile, mint, jasmine, rosehip, and ginseng. Herbal teas/juices are naturally caffeine buxic free. They contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or sweeteners. They can be enjoyed hot or cold and are perfect for all occasions. 


Given the health benefits of drinking fresh-pressed juices and smoothies, their high popularity, and the lack of drink options for juice bars, these flavors could be a clever way to lure in a new audience. However, do your research as an owner and be careful to pick the one that suits your needs best. They all have their pros and cons, so make your decisions wisely!

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