5 Best Online English Language Learning Courses

A new language can provide a wide range of opportunities. It might hold the secret to getting you hired or promoted at work. Or assist you in getting through the last obstacle standing in your way of training.

However, with the abundance of possibilities, picking the best online programme might be challenging. Below is a list of the top 5 online English learning courses that we’ve chosen. There is bound to be a course that suits your learning style among these because they all adopt various approaches. You can also learn English in an enjoyable way like searching for positive words starting with X.

1. English for Beginners (Udemy)

There’s a good reason why this 77-hour course is one of Udemy’s best-selling courses. Due of its on-demand nature, it is simple to accommodate a busy life. It increases the beginner’s English vocabulary by 1,000 words, phrases, and idioms, and the course is open to anyone with no prior language proficiency.

Additionally, learners will be able to read and write at a medium level, talk effectively and confidently, and comprehend the language well enough.  You can use this course to help you get ready for a variety of English exams, including the TOEFL, IETS, and GMAT. It’s one of the most time-consuming courses on this list, but it’s well worth it.

2. Speak English Professionally (Coursera)

This 16-hour course, which is part of Georgia Tech’s Improving English Communication Skills Platform specialty, is made available through Coursera. The emphasis is on using English in communication, particularly for sales and business dealings.

Students study pronunciation, gain fluency, and investigate the cultural significance of language. The course outline covers topics including body language, presentations, pitching, and networking. Quizzes, practice exams, and performances are used to assess your understanding.

3. English Communication Skills Specialization (Coursera)

It is not impossible to deny the course’s success on Coursera. This program’s students were able to begin new careers in 67% of cases. The several lessons in this course, which is taught by Georgia Tech academics, are all aimed at enhancing business English.

Students gain knowledge of email, meeting speaking, online networking, and presentations, and they graduate with an e-portfolio to show potential employers. This course is designed for beginners and takes about 3 hours of study per week over the course of 5 months. Regular tests, peer evaluations, and graded assignments keep

4. English Grammar (Alison)

One of the few courses on this list that demands a certain level of English competence is the one given by Allison. This is one of the options that is the shortest here—less than 3 hours—and also one of the few that isn’t geared toward businesses or academic institutions.

This brief programme, sponsored by Advance Learning, an online trainer well-known for its IT courses, enables English language learners to quickly pick up the intricacies of the English language. Students pick out the right words and learn how to employ them in phrases. The definite articles, adjectives and adverbs, prefixes and suffixes, and word order in English are all covered in this course.

5. English for Career Development (Alison)

A free online learning platform called Alison has 3,000 courses, 3.5 million alumni, and 20 million students. This self-paced course teaches business English in a distinctive way.

Like many other online English learning programmes, this one teaches students how to find employment in the United States and how to apply for them as well as conduct job interviews. To help students understand the principles more readily, Alison goes a step further and relates these fundamentals of job searching to the procedure in each student’s native country.

English beginners are the target audience for this course, which is instructed by faculty from the University of Pennsylvania. The ability to create cover letters, network, and have a professional resume are all things that students have from the beginning.


These English classes are available from 0n to $299. Most are in the $50 range. Some providers make it easy to pay by allowing students to pay a monthly fee. Nearly every one of these options includes testing that allows students free access to all or part courses. Certifications and lifetime access to content, however, frequently cost money.

These programmes provide you all the tools you require, but a simple web search will turn up more resources for learning English. As an example, YouTube offers a tonne of free stuff. Additionally, numerous free downloads for mobile devices provide excellent listening and practise possibilities.

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