4 High Paying Remote Jobs in 2022

With the boom of technology in our age, remote working is gradually becoming more and more common. This way of working became standard in 2022 when remote working was the online solution for companies and organizations. Somehow, we got familiar to the fact that this way of doing tasks is also an option, and working remote has kept its popularity after the pandemic too. 

In this article, read about some high-paying remote jobs this year that you may not have considered yet. But first, let’s clarify what working remote means. Remote working means working from your preferred location for an organization or an individual because these recruiters are not in need of your physical presence in the office. 

1. Social media manager

Social media managers are the ones who are responsible for organizing the company’s social media accounts. The posting of visual and text content, communicating with customers, and answering their questions concerning the product or service is what these specialists are in charge of. They have to keep up with e-commerce trends. Their responsibilities expand to the elaboration of social media marketing strategy and making a content creation plan, but the job can be done in a 100% remote way. 

It must be said that many leading companies have already implemented such tools as a healthcare chatbot and managers to facilitate social media managers’ jobs. 

The job is in significant demand in 2022 and is famous for its high salary. 

2. Content writer

Social media managers usually work with these specialists, who are responsible for all the texts that are written to promote the company or the brand. They write articles for blogs, write text parts of the posts, do translations, and edit writings for companies or individuals. The job does not require a physical presence in the office of the company, and content writers can efficiently work remotely. Though some advanced companies implement artificial intelligence that produces content for them, it must be said that content writing is the domain in which artificial intelligence is so far the least successful.

3. Online language tutor 

Speaking foreign languages talks about a person’s sophistication and intelligence. Especially in modernity, learning a language is very affordable and available. Online language tutors’ position is for those who are language tutors offline and would like to earn more and have a flexible schedule of working hours. 

4. Social media influencer

One of the best paying jobs of 2022 is social media influencer. Influencers are those whose content on social media has a lot of consumers, and they have thousands of followers on their accounts. 

This job is also 100% remote and requires only a tech gadget and the Internet. If you have intentions to become one, it is better to pick one social media platform and try to grow the audience on the chosen one, rather than trying to obtain followers on several simultaneously.


Like it or not, remote working mode is here to stay and is ahead of 9 to 5 scheduled jobs. This way of working is more than famous because of the freedom it gives to the employees to choose the comfiest schedule and location to work from for themselves.