14 ways to Improve your English communication Skills

Do you ever wonder what is the secret behind the success of millionaires? How do they manage to get clients and projects? It is their communication skills that have given them success in their careers.

English is a global language.  Every entrepreneur and company uses this language for communication purposes. So to become successful in the world, we need English communication skills. If you are unable to develop this skill in you, then this article is going to help you. It has 14 amazing ways through which anyone can develop communication skills. Only you need little patience and dedication.

1. Learn to use words in sentences:

To have fluent and better communication, it is better to practice and learn sentences. For example, practice using different adjectives starting with F in different types of sentences. It will enhance your speaking skills and vocabulary. Practice different sentences while standing in front of a mirror.

2. Listen and observe proactively:

You can’t be a better communicator unless you are not a better listener and observer. Listen and observe the people when they are communicating in English. Make notes in your mind of the communication strategies they are using. And if someone is talking to you, listen to that person. Observe his way of speaking and communicating and try to speak in the same way.

3. Read:

There are different reading materials about entrepreneurship and communication skills that you should read. They will give you vast knowledge about English communication skills.

4. Mirror your communicator:

When having a conversation with anyone, mirror his body language, tone, and way of speaking. This will show that you are confident, active, and keen in this conversation.

5. Speak calmly and slowly:

Try to speak slowly and calmly when you are having a conversation. Don’t fret or speak speedily as it will ruin your conversation.

6. Maintain eye contact:

During communication, maintain eye contact with the other person. Don’t use any mobile phone or electronic gadget while having a conversation.

7. Use non-verbal language:

During communication, your body language also matters. Try to keep yourself composed and relax your body. Keep a smile on your face.

8. Ask Questions:

The best way to continue your conversation is to ask questions. It will create a flow in your conversation. And will give a positive impression on the other person.

9. Maintain a positive attitude:

Maintain a positive attitude while having a conversation. Use decent and formal words, and maintain a friendly and positive tone. Avoid anger and swearing.

If you are in a formal setting, use formal words. And if you are in an informal setting, you can use informal or slang words. If you use slang words in a formal setting, it will create a negative impact on the other person.

10. Think before you speak:

During the conversation, take a brief pause before answering any question. Compose your sentences and then speak. Ranting and immediate replies can annoy the other person. And it can create misunderstandings too.

11. Be brief and specific:

During communication, it is better to be brief and specific. Don’t give excessive information as it will annoy the other person. Only give that amount of information which is needed. It will save time and energy and will make communication smooth.

12. Watch movies and videos:

Watch English movies, ted talks, YouTube videos, talk shows, and news channels to enhance your communication skills. Observe how the native English speakers are communicating with each other, what type of language they are using, and what their body language is. Observing them will broaden your knowledge and you can upgrade your communication skills.

13. Keep Practicing:

Whatever you will learn, practice it. After watching any video, you can practice it in front of a mirror or with any of your family members and friends. Try to imitate the body language and tone of the person whom you have observed. This practice will polish your communication skills.

14. Find Communication buddy:

It is better to have a family member or friend to be your communication buddy. You can communicate and learn from each other. If you have any native English fellow, it will be much better. But if you don’t have any friends, then you can go for different apps or websites which can help you in improving your communication skills.

Hopefully, these tips and methods will be helpful to enhance your communication skills and open the doors to a successful career for you. Brushing your communication skills will be a step toward successful entrepreneurship. There are a lot of ways through which you can learn English communication skills easily.  Look for the opportunities and grab them to become a better communicator.